My Latest Work

My Artifact Refelctions

My MOS Associate stands for Microsoft Office Specialist Associate level. I obtained this through hard work, motivation, and time management skills to build my hard skill of Excel. I completed the MOS exam with higher then a passing score and obtained the certification.

My SAP Portfolio is a example piece of my work. This is a portfolio based on my hard skills in the SAP Software such as creating inquiries, the procurement process, the bill of materials, and other important tasks completed in SAP software.

Food and Safe handlining has taught me the importance of food safety and allows me to work in a environment with food. It has taught me the skills of knowledge of safety standards, POS, and organization.

Canada Cord is the highest award a Pathfinder can get in the program. The Canada Cord Award has helped me build my leadership skills, communication skills, teamwork skills, and presenting skills. I obtained this award through leading and working with youth, planning and running community events and volunteering my time.

High school Honor role for every year shows my determination, motivation, and skill of hard working for academic achievements. I used leadership, teamwork, and time management to achieve honor role.

The reference letter from my former teacher Ashley Gibson shows my skills for taking responsibility, strong work ethic, and teamwork.

First Aid allows me to preform medical help on someone until paramedics arrive. It has taught me the skills of leadership, communication, taking quick action and problem solving.